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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Discipline Yourself with Credit Cards

By Rick Amorey

There are several avenues of investigation that you may find profitable before you become involved in online stock market investing. You can find a lot of information available to the would-be investor; you could purchase a book, subscribe to a newsletter, or enroll in seminars where you could get good advice. But before you spend one more cent on any of these, try to do research on your own. Both the library and the Internet have material that you will find useful.

One thing that you should remember to do is to set aside boundaries before beginning to invest. Unlike what some online stock market investing advertisements that you may have seen implied, investing is not a wonderful and perpetual source of money. I'll tell you this, though; stocks generally do perform better than other investments after a long period of time. In the end, however, all investments have no guarantee of making profit.

So before you seek stock market advice, make sure that you take the time to investigate your own financial situation. Track how your money is currently being spent, apply measures to eliminate credit card debt, and get yourself into a positive money output. If you cannot do this, then I advice you to refrain from investing in the market for the time being.

A credit card is a good measure of discipline; and if you have a credit card debt, then chances are you won't be able to handle the pressures of owning shares. I'm not discouraging you, mind: If you can get rid of that weak spot in your financial armor, and then you can take on the demands of the stock market life.

It's like this; owning stock is essentially being part owner in the company you have invested in. Would you entrust your boss with financial matters if you found out he was heavy in credit card debt? I don't think so. The same thing applies; you should buy and manage stock only at companies you are confident in. In any case, not having credit card debt means you have less to worry about. - 23208

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