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Friday, April 17, 2009

Forex Trading- The 3 Biggest Lies

By fxtrade

Everyone that is involved in Forex Trading for awhile would have all heard these 3 misconceptions about Forex Trading, but beginner traders continue to fall for them. These are also some of the reasons why many Forex Traders end up going broke.

So how can we avoid these common traps and make money from Forex Trading? Firstly lets look at the 3 areas to avoid when you are starting out Forex Trading.

Making Regular income and Profit:

This is misconception number 1.

Think about this for a moment how can you make regular income from something that changes as frequently as the Forex Market. No matter how great the system is the market simple changes all of the time, how often have you been in a well trending trade only to see something strange occur and a nice profit turns to a break even or worse a loss? So the next time you see or hear of someone saying 'make x% profit every month' run!

Ability to Predict Forex Prices in Advance This is the biggest crowd puller, think about it can you see into the future? No. No matter how great the theory, how well it has been back tested you still cannot have a theory that works 100% of the time.

Think about it if there was a theory that worked 100% of time we could predict future results. So the theory would need to take into account, all interest rates cuts and rises, speeches from the banks and monetary authorities as you can see highly unlikely. No Impossible.

Make Massive Profits minimal Exposure: Many of us would have seen systems advertising the make 100% gains and have less than 1% drawdown. This is not reality and you can see the real results to support this outrageous growth rate to drawdown that has been audited.

So consider this and Improve your chances!

The common fact to trading is that over 95% of all traders will lose their money and the ones that do believe at least one of the above

So how you can become successful as a forex trader is understand that you can make profits in the long term, that making money is going to be up and down and that Forex trading is a game of odds not certainties. They also understand that to make money you need to take risks, the old saying of risk versus reward.

If you want to get involved in Forex trading and win you can, by getting a good solid Forex education and good Forex mentoring. In some cases you can find a Best Forex Brokerthat can assist you. If you are looking for a great Forex Broker, look at the CFD FX Report they have recently researched all the Forex Brokers and have come back with who they believe to be the best.

You can win and enjoy huge rewards for your effort, if you understand the challenge of Forex trading and what the reality really is. If you understand this, you're on your way to long term currency trading success. Also make sure that you have a good trading plan and stick to that trading plan. - 23208

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