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Monday, April 13, 2009

How to Use Your Poker Skills In Trading

By Rick Amorey

It's a fact that all financial investments have risks. Ninety percent of people who enter into trading will end up losing their money. So what is it you're doing wrong? These people do not have a good enough understanding of what's going on in the situation, simply put. In a way, entering into investments is akin to playing a game of poker.

The game of poker is a good simulation of how the investing world works, and my theory is thusly: The correct strategies in winning or getting to the end at least, are similar in both cases. This may sound nontraditional, I admit, but just hear me out with this.

You will not get very far when playing poker, if you just hold back and wait for the right hand to invest all your chips in that one single hand. One, even the best hands have a level of risk in it, so you may still end up losing all your chips at the end. Another thing, if you go in, with guns ablaze, you'll still only end up with a small yield of extra chips.

But betting like mad on every hand that you get is not a good idea, either. In fact, do this and you aren't very bright. Constantly exposing the majority of your chips to high risk will only lead to a sudden burnout; you'll be off the game before anyone else, losing all your chips in a few fell swoops.

What then, is the right way to play poker? Anyone who plays often enough will quickly surmise that getting ahead in poker requires more than considering just your own hand and chips. You need to get a feel for the hands and chips of the other players around the table, too. Once you get a good feel for the game, you'll know that putting in all your chips in one hand is a bad idea. The way to go is to invest little by little, spreading out your game to good, but not necessarily great, plays.

The same principle applies to trading. The game table is essentially the market, and how it affects your investments. You'll need to avoid having all your capital placed onto one investment. Spread it out into a number of decent deals, and then if one fails, you won't be as devastated. - 23208

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