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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Learning Article Marketing

By Hass67

Do you want massive publicity for your website? Article marketing is the best way to attract a lot of publicity to your website. Article marketing involves writing articles on any topic you choose. Submitting articles to article directories, ezines and announcement groups brings lots of backlinks and visitors to your site.

Never wrote article before? Dont worry, even if you are not a good writer in the beginning, you can write good article with practice. Article marketing is being done by regular every day people with success.

Article marketing is the free way to build massive back links to your site. These backlinks will increase ranking of your site on the search engines. You dont need to give more than an hour of your time everyday to write an article.

Suppose you are afraid to write. You consider yourself not a good writer. In my opinion, if you can write letters to your friends, you can also write articles with a little bit of practice.

Your article should be between 400-800 words for optimal results. When you write an article avoid talking about your business or your website. Just try to give your reader valuable information that has value.

In the start, write an article a day. Next day, again read the article you wrote yesterday. By doing this, you will be able to have a fresh look at it and make it even better. Once you are satisfied with the quality, submit it to article directories.

Try to make the title enticing enough for people to click on it. Write in an interesting and lively manner that compels the reader to continue reading till the end.

Resource box of the article in the end is where you talk about yourself. It is the most important part of the article in addition to the title and the body.

Write about yourself in third person. Tell the reader who you are and what are your hobbies and interests. In the resource box, you can sell your business by linking with your website.

If your resource box is compelling many people would want to click on the link and visit your website. A good article will leave a positive impression in the mind of your reader and build trust. It will also establish you as an expert in your field. - 23208

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