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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Easy Forex Review

By Paul Bryan

Easy Forex is one of the well recognized foreign currency exchange trading platform that enables new traders to learn about currency transaction management, and at the same time helps veterans in the trading business to excel. Among various products of Easy-Forex are day trading along with limit orders, forward and optional.

Easy Forexs main idea revolves around the fact that foreign currency trading needs to be a simple and easy process, even though the process may look slightly nerve-raking to beginners. Its founders have evolved this trading platform after years of experience and investigations in matters related to trading and finance.

This trading platform is very simple and includes several online tools to manage the trades along with an easy registration process which enables access to the trading field. The system also provides financial tools such as charts, graphs and analysis help, along with live real-time quotes and data feeds straight from the Reuters. Traders can always take the advantage of the tools, which displays real-time trades and trends, which check profit scenarios, and those that receives market updates through SMS on a cell phone.

In addition, Easy Forex provides abundant training and support to its users. Every new user is allocated a personal account service manager to enable the use of the system and to learn about the ways of trading. Clients would find a list of terms along with the respective meanings, a trading e-book, and a set of videos made available online for a clear understanding of the working of Easy Forex.

Depending on the experience and the desired risk level of the clients, they can choose from a variety of account types once they decide to opt for it. Standard spreads are there for different account types and Easy-Forex extracts their client fees from the spreads embedded in the currency rates.

For beginners in the Forex trade, they can begin an account with a very nominal deposit and continue to do so till they gain some experience in the business. Funding of the accounts is generally done through credit card deposits and online wire transfer requests are used to carry out the withdrawals. Transaction permits for Islamic and Orthodox-Jewish account terms are also facilitated by Easy Forex, which makes it recognizable worldwide.

To help the clients Easy Forex conducts an orientation of the entire platform with special seminars, training with professionals, and online chat along with special provisions for technical support.

This Easy Forex is among the few brokerages which you could either love or hate. Some of the things are among the best in the business while there are some which might be frustrating at times. So the decision will solely depend on individual traders to make use of it in the best possible way to attain maximum success. - 23208

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