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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Forex Trading Strategies - Sound Strategies Remain Useful for Decades

By Steve Maenshel

Forex trading strategies are essential for a trader to know exactly when to sell or buy a currency pair. The time of purchase or sale of foreign currency pairs is the most important point of a trade. The better that the trader is able to determine the time of entry / exit, the more profitable is a potential transaction. This can be achieved with sound Forex trading strategies.

Determining the exact time of entry into the market and exit from the market is defined often within minutes or hours, with the use of technical analysis tools and sound Forex trading strategies.

Main Forex trading strategies are:

1. Scanning the resistance and support

Forex trading strategies, based on the break of a resistance, often give a great signal to buy. Buy and protect your position by the stop-loss order, which should be placed below the level of the occurred break (break level now turns to a new level of support). A new position can also be opened, if in the downward trend the price went up to the line of resistance, or if at the time of a rising trend the price fell to support.

2. Scanning for the intersection of trend-lines

Most important is the intersection of a proven and several times checked trend-line, which would allow a trader to enter / exit early. At the same time, it is better to also keep an eye on other technical indicators. If you are using the trend-line as your Support / Resistance, buy when prices fall to a solid upward trend line and sell when prices rise to a solid downward trend-line. This is one of the sound Forex trading strategies.

3. Trading in the break

Forex trading strategies, based on breaks, include 3 main options:

- Open a position in advance, in the anticipation of a break;

- If you see that the break occurred, trade for the rollback, virtually inevitable after a break.

- Wait until the rollback, which is almost inevitable after a break.

There is also a 4th option for Forex trading strategies based on break - open position in each of the phases described above. One position - before a possible break, second position - immediately after this break and the third position should be traded in the hope of the expected price correction, which is likely to happen.

4. Trading with positions of various time frames

1). Forex trading strategies, based on long positions, i.e., ranging from several days to several months. It is best to use this tactic in the presence of strong trends. At the same time, analyze short-term scales. Be sure to use in addition to technical analysis also the fundamental analysis, which is perfectly suited for long timescales.

2). Forex trading strategies, based on medium-long positions, i.e., few days. Also analyze short-term scales. Such positions are likely the most stable for profit, but their analysis is a bit trickier. Look, as usual, for the best time for the opening / closing positions. Again, use in addition to technical analysis also the fundamental analysis, which is perfectly suited for longer timescales.

3). Short-term positions, lasting from several minutes to several hours. Pluses: there is no risk of fundamental news and the changes in prices at the time of your absence. Disadvantages: high risk of adverse movements in prices requires constant monitoring and concentration throughout the day. Basically, if a trader uses the data on a number of sellers and buyers in the market, that data will give the trader the needed information about where the market seems to go. Super-short-term trading could also be used with breaks and rollbacks. Super-short-term trading is highly risky, and thus it better suits professional traders and market-makers. This is the least safe Forex trading strategies.

Sound Forex trading strategies will aid you in finding the best times for your transactions. Sound Forex trading strategies remain useful for decades. - 23208

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