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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stock Market News Sources

By Michael Swanson

For years, if you wanted to know anything about the stock market, you turned to the Wall Street Journal. Today investors turn to many other sources for stock market news.

While the Wall Street Journal is still published daily, there are many other sources for stock market news. Many of these sources will be more current than the morning newspaper. In addition to the Wall Street Journal, you may find limited stock prices listed in your local or state newspaper.

If you watch cable television, you will also find that many of the news channels will during their broadcasts show a ticker of some of the major stocks. Additionally, you will find channels on your cable that deal with financial news.

For the quickest news on the stock exchange, however, one has to turn no further than the internet. Prices of stocks are known immediately around the world with the advent of the World Wide Web. In addition, we can know what is happening in many of the world markets almost as soon as they happen.

If you have no money invested in the stock market, you may wonder what the big deal is about the market. Before you turn off the news, you better back up and think. Do you have money invested in an IRA or a 401k. Many times these programs as well as many others are directly linked to the stock exchange.

If you lost your job and were forced to cash in or roll over your 401k in the past year, you also felt the influence of the market, as these funds might have lost as much as fifty percent in value over the past two years. Had you been able to leave the money invested in the program, over time, it would have gained back its original value and grew.

Knowing stock market news lets you keep an eye on your investments. - 23208

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