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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Top 5 Ways To Know What Money To Invest, And Where To Invest It.

By Mr Christopher Latter

"Anyone can earn money but savings and investments are the ones that matter the most" is a popular phrase that was in circulation and it still is..!! Yes, it is true that anyone can earn money, but the greatest deal is the preserving of the money. All that you need is not the money to invest, but the places where you invest the money in. Earnings do not matter; the savings and the investments matter a lot!!

There are plenty of sources that one gets his money from and also there are plenty of places too where one can invest in. No matter from where one is drawing one's money, one should be careful of the place one is investing in. Not all the places can offer the desired results but only a few can. A careful and an in-depth research of the area for the money to invest in can deliver more precise results.

The 'money to invest' can be in various forms: stocks/shares, bank accounts, bonds, mutual funds and several others. These are nothing but few of the popular forms of investing considered by the people all around the world to generate huge profits. Following are few such areas where one can invest his money:

1. Banks: There is no other place that can offer higher security other than banks. Banks are considered to be the best places for making your investments. The money you are investing in banks cannot be manipulated as the banks guarantee a high level of security to your investments. Besides offering security, banks also offer some bonus as 'percentage profit' which in other words is called as 'returns'.

2. Bonds: Bonds are other good forms of investments. Bonds are offered both by the government organizations and by several private companies as well. Prefer placing your investments in bonds only if you are not seeking for 'short term returns'.

3. Certificate Deposits: Certificate deposits are another feasible option for investment. Certificate deposits operate in a similar way as 'Bonds' do but differ slightly in the operation. While the rates of interest offered by the bonds vary according to the market situations, certificate bonds tend to remain the same all through the year.

4. Shares/Stocks: these are the most popular forms of investing. It is assumed that almost 80% of the world's population invests its money in this form of investment. Buy a share in a company and watch it grow. However, stocks and shares are completely volatile and no one can expect the stability of it over a period of time. Select a company that has a high rate of stability and put your investments in it as 'shares'.

5. Partner a prospective company: This is considered an efficient form of multiplying your investment, provided everything goes well. Returns cannot be expected overnight but it takes some period of time to see your profits. A prospective company need not necessarily be a "giant" in the market. Watch the companies that have evolved in the recent past and select one that you think has the stability to make its impact in the market. Partner with it by considering your money to be invested in it while the company is still in its initial stages. When it gets big, your returns too will be 'big'.

The first three of the above stated forms are considered to be the safest modes of investing, as they produce guarantee returns to the money you invest in them. Though these are not the only modes of investment, they still form a major share in the total investments made across the globe. - 23208

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