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Monday, November 23, 2009

Invest In Gold During Periods of Inflation

By Garrett Strong

Gold is the go to money in times of inflation and economic crisis. Gold is a hedge against inflation. If you are saying to yourself right now that gold is not money, and that it is just a shiny relic that people wear around their necks, then you are dead wrong.

Gold has been a unit of exchange for nearly 6,000 years. Gold and silver were historically the first relied upon money that agreed with the standards of good money. Aristotle spoke of reliable money to have the following characteristics.

1. The ability to be durable. It must stand the test of time and not wither.

2. The ability to be portable. Good money needs to hold value in a small space.

3. The ability to be divisible. Real money should have the ability to be divided evenly and still hold its value. Also known as fungibility. Diamnonds are not fungible because each diamond has it's own value.

4. It must hold a rare value or quality.

Aristotle was aware of something about money that most people today would struggle to comprehend. Paper money has no value, and that is what Aristotle described in his qualities of money.

Paper has very little value. It can be printed on demand. Paper has no rare or durable features. The value that the dollar has is only held up by our faith in it.

A piece of paper with ink stamped on it is essentially what our dollar bill is. That's all. If someone gave you some a sheet of paper to wash their car, it is the same thing as receiving a paper dollar. Ink is the only thing making a difference. Both are paper.

It would be different if someone gave you something with real value like oil, copper, silver, or gold to mow their lawn. Those are hard assets. It means that someone's blood, sweat, and hard work went into it so you could use it.

Our money becomes more worthless each day our government prints more money. A dollar crisis is happening right now, and most don't know it. Gold and silver were the first real established currencies that stood the test of time. This is because gold cannot be printed at will.

Mining companies must do lots of drilling and surveying before actually bringing a mine online. This takes precious time and resources. Using paper money as currency is a historically recent thing. There have been hundreds of fiat paper currencies in history and all of them have failed.

Gold and silver coins have proven throughout history to hold their value and hedge against inflation. While fiat paper currencies plummet, gold will continue going to the moon.

Gold is in the midst of a 20 year bull market, and there is no near term end in sight. The gold price has recently hit an all time peak of $1,100/ounce. People turn to gold in times of economic crises and inflation. Why? Because gold is a safe haven asset and cannot be inflated. Inflated currency, what is that?

Pretend you are inflating a balloon. The balloon gets so big that it sometimes bursts. Our government is inflating our dollars in much the same way. Our government is putting massive amounts of money into circulation. When you have more and more dollars chasing the same level of goods, you have inflation.

Inflation does not mean higher prices, it simply means printing more money. Higher prices are the result of printing more money. So, get out of dollar related assets now before you lose out big time.

Gold, silver, gold bullion, silver bullion, and mining stocks are the only assets you should be invested in right now. China, India, Arab countries, and others are diversifying out of dollars as we speak, and India's central bank just purchased 200 tons of gold from the IMF. You decide if it's time to get invested in gold and silver.

God bless you. - 23208

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