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Friday, December 4, 2009

Answer these Questions Before You Buy your First Real Estate

By Billy Chen

You have long been contemplating to buy a first house for the family. But before you start making your house search and shopping for lender, make sure you answer these questions first to assess your real need and possibility to own a house of your own.

1. Are you prepared to stay put for at least 3 years at your new home? If you are not ready to stay in your newly purchased property for minimum of 3years, perhaps you have to put off this idea now. The reason is the kind of investment with property purchase and the associated fees charged on both buy/sell transaction would simply makes it impossible. You will end up lose money no matter it is a rising or falling market (here you end up losing even more money as your property will have depreciated in price).

2. Brushing up your credit report. Unless you are filthy rich, you are not going to pay cash for your new home. The conventional source of fund would be lenders like bank. To make sure your application for a home mortgage goes as trouble free as possible, it is important your credit rating (publicly available) looks healthy. The trick is to obtain this rating report yourself before hand and when it signals problems, correct and fix them before you make appointment with the banks.

3. Find suitable home loan 80 percent of the purchased price is the average loan amount banks are willing to disburse, subject to qualification. But you can go to the online calculator to figure out more about the maximum loan amount the bank is willing to approve you. The calculator would require you to input information like your income, debts, and expenses to work out a loan comfortable to you, or to thee bank.

4. Are you comfortable to put up to 20 percent of the purchase price? Again most lenders would want you to be able to foot at least 20 percent of the purchased price. You can try to negotiate this amount down if you have problem over that but we would not recommend it.

5. How accessible are public amenities and facilities for the family? This is probably the one most important factor the market look at. This is because property that is strategically located is a top choice for many home buyers, so this will allow you to add value to your property when it is time to sell.

6. Find a good property agent If this is the first property you are going to buy, consider using a professional property agent. In fact, try to go for those exclusive buyer agents where possible as they can help the negotiation process on your behalf.

When all above considered and you are even more determined to find your new home, get ready for thorough research on the property market. Past transactions conducted in the area and/or housing type of your choice should give an approximate indication of the real value of the property you are interested in.We are one of the real estate companies in Singapore and we have served our customers in South East Asia Region for years. Our network of agents is strong and we can help you to find your ideal next home for you. - 23208

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