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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Best Home Business Of 21st Century

By Ahmad Hassam

A successful home based business is a dream come true. It must be your dream too to start your own home based business. Internet has made it possible for many people like you and me to have a home based business. But the challenge is how to start a successful home based business.

I am talking from my experience. Most home based businesses require you to sell a product online. You have to purchase the product just in order to become a member of that home based business. When you do that you will be provided with your own website link that you are required to promote online!

The success of your home based business will depend on how many people you can recruit in your down line and how fast. This will require a lot of advertising, cold calling and prospecting. You are supposed to advertise your website online. Most of the advertising methods are costly. If you do PPC on Google, Yahoo and MSN, you will find that most of the relevant keywords have been already taken over by your competitors and are costing something like $1-2. Are you ready to pay $1-2 just for someone to click on your website? Are you ready to spend thousands of dollars on advertising the website? You are supposed to recruit new members under you. Now the hard part starts.

Competition, competition and competition! Did you hear about Herbalife? Well it was a wellness and fitness product company that became so popular that everyone started to promote it and in a few years the market was saturated with Herbalife affiliates trying to sell the products. Where ever you will go you will find a lot of competition! Start hopping from one home based Business Company to another and you will find the market saturated with them. What to do then? Maybe not and if you try free advertising methods, they don't work at all.

Stop wasting money on buying home based business membership and then wasting hundreds and even thousands of dollars on advertising that home based business opportunity. I give you a very easy solution. Have you ever heard of forex?

Is forex trading difficult. You bet it is. Then why I am suggesting you to try forex trading. Forex market is the world's largest market. Everyday 3 trillion dollars get transacted in the forex market. I think so you must have heard about forex trading.

I want to introduce Tom Strignano to you. He has been the Chief Currency Trader in a number of elite banks. He has been a professional forex trader for the last 25 years. He says if you can read an email, you can trade with his forex signals. The other day, one of the members made a cool $15,000 with his forex signals.

He will not only provide you with his forex signals but will also mentor you and coach you in forex trading. Now there is no selling, no advertising in this home business. Subscribe to his forex signals. Try them and see if you can make money with them. If you can't, simply forget about them. You must be thinking that you need to pay something to try these forex signals. Not at all! Try these forex signals for two weeks risk free on your demo account and see how much money they make for you. Nothing can be more risk free than this! - 23208

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