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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can Flipping My Investment Property Work For Me?

By Cody Scholberg

When you think about investment properties in a logical matter, when you commence in flipping these properties you're actually not investing. Flipping investment properties is a strategy that goes along with the buy and hold concept, however your having to put more money into your investment just to see a substantial profit.

If you, like millions of Americans, has gotten the flipping bug from watching all those late night infomercials that state you can make huge profits with nothing down and no monthly payments, beware. Yes, it is a fact that a person can make huge amounts of money by flipping real estate. This holds very true when the process goes right. Keep in mind though, if a flip goes wrong, a person can lose a huge amount of money also.

However, if you are like millions of other Americans that get their rocks off watching the various shows that show people avidly flipping homes then you have a genuine idea of what goes into remodeling a property. You can make a substantial profit simply buying a home and flipping it, if the flip is done correctly. However, if you flip an investment property and it is not done accordingly, you are risking the chance of being out a lot of money.

There is the attraction of getting your paycheck right now, rather than years from now. Another advantage of flipping is that it takes the market fluctuation out of the entire picture, buy now, sell now. As I said before, done properly, one can make a huge sum of money in a short period of time.

The other advantage of flipping is that you don't have to deal with rental contracts or tenants or maintenance for that matter. Just buy low sell higher and make your money right away. A word to the wise though, this looks very simple to do but the actual execution of this process is very complicated and has lots of snags. How do you find this property at below market price? Will you know exactly what repairs will make the house readily sellable?

Plus since you are selling the home that you purchased, you don't have to worry about rental contracts or having to deal with tenants that will be residing in your home. You simply buy the property for a low price, and sell it for a higher price in order to make your money back right away. However, one rule of thumb, before you get involved in flipping homes you need to learn all the stipulations that go along with the process. - 23208

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