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Friday, December 25, 2009

Charlotte REO Investment Properties

By Samantha Preston

REO properties are repossessed properties that were not sold through a foreclosure auction. They are much cheaper Charlotte investment property options compared to a brand new home. REO properties are sold through each lender's loss mitigation department. Many lenders present bank owned real estate via their company website. REO properties are great homes for investors to buy because they are generally paying below market for the home, and there is a lot of inventory and selection.

While REO properties could be rather cheap, they are not for everyone as they are not sold in the open market through auctions. By definition, REO properties lack equity and also come with some built-in risks especially when one is buying a Charlotte investment property in 'as-is' condition. Most lenders who are stuck with re-possessed property would be interested in getting rid of the property as soon as possible in order to recover part of the costs that remains sunk in the property. Similarly, lenders are not interested in paying management costs which means that they are willing to sell the properties at prices that are way below market rates.

REO properties could be foreclosed, but the key issue here is that they cannot be auctioned. These also lack essential disclosure purposes and liability releases as they were taken from the buyer to the bank. The only reason the lender does not have any liability on these properties is because they do not have a hold on the buyer which not only compels them to list it with local real estate agents but also sell it off at lower prices, given the fact that holding properties for long periods of time is quite counterproductive and costly too.

Banks have a responsibility of the upkeep of REO properties and are a drain on the finances of the back. This is one of the main reasons as to why banks are willing to sell them in as 'as-is' condition with the requirement that one thoroughly inspect the property to know the rehabilitation costs. It is true that for every single day that a property lies vacant, the bank has to spend on it, not to mention the opportunity costs involved.

When it comes to REO properties, lenders are not too keen on holding on to it. This is why they immediately list it with local real estate brokers to facilitate a quick sale. Sometimes they also create special packages for buyers who are interested in buying properties in bulk. But given the economic scenario prevalent currently, more often than not, lenders are able to get only a fraction of the value of the property concerned.

Buying an REO property is not a walk in the park as a cheap Charlotte investment property could very well attract a lot of competition and interest from other investors. There will be quite a few bids and one could also have participation of institutional investors. REO is better than auctions per se, because of the fact that in auctions you have to pay up front in cash and do not get the chance to inspect the property before buying it. In some cases, people can take up loans under the rural housing plan towards these types of properties. In auctions, however, you will be able to ensure that you do not have to deal with the lender, but buy the property directly. - 23208

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