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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting Info From Your Tenant

By Cody Scholberg

So, it's here. The day has finally come where you are in charge of the building. You are the landlord. And, your first task is to collect your tenant's information. You need to be able to contact them.

The first and most important thing to remember is that you must smile. Always, always smile.

Collecting information is usually a painless procedure, so there is little to worry about. Keep yourself under control. Know that you are in charge, but don't be a jerk about it. You need to be sure to be firm, but fair and friendly as well.

Stand erect, and speak with confidence. If you lack confidence or are easily intimidated, you will get trampled upon in this business; tenants will they can walk all over you, and, rest assured, they will. So, even if you are a coward, make sure you do not come off as one.

Everybody likes to follow a knowledgeable leader who has things under control. You want your tenants to trust and rely on you; act as if they can. Oh, and be sure to smile.

Asking them for their information is easy. Just ask them. That is all there is to it. Sometimes, you will have a tenant who seems very suspicious, as if he thinks you have some ulterior motive for getting his information. For these paranoid types, gently explain the reasons why you need their information. They should understand.

You can ask them if they would like to be told about a creep outside their window or a fire when asking for their cell phone numbers or work numbers.

Tell them that you need their social security numbers so that you can tell the credit agencies about their on-time payments. This helps you, too, because you will wan to check their credit. You must check their reliability. Be sure to smile, too.

Suspicious tenants should be told that the information given to you is confidential, and also tell them that you will do everything you can to ensure nobody else gets a hold of their info.

If you simply cannot get the information out of the tenant, then stop. Do not worry about it. There are some battles in life you should pick to fight, and this is not one of them.

Get their information from elsewhere; ask the previous landlord, check with the city, etc. You will be able to gather the rest of their information without much effort from other sources.

After you have their information, be sure you store it in a safe place. That was easy, right? - 23208

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