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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Different Types Of Forex Trade Orders

By Chris Wigtune

Forex brokers provide retail investors access to the forex market through the interbank exchange allowing them to invest in a market that was once only open to banks, large hedge funds, Central banks and countries.

Depending on what type of system traders are utilizing they have several types of trades orders they can place. These orders can help traders handle different types of market conditions or actually even lock in gains once they have been realized making sure those gains do not turn into losses.

Limit orders are used in order to place take profit levels once a trade is opened. Limit orders are also called take profit orders because of this.

Traders use stop losses to protect their capital once a new trade is opened as well as to protect gains once a trade is in profit by moving the stop loss to lock in gains. Stop losses are a traders best friend and should always be used for each and every trade once they trade is put one.

Trailing stops are order types used by traders in order to help lock in a predetermined amount of profit as a trade moves into profit. For example if a trailing stop is 20 pips that would mean the intial stop is -20 pip. Once a trade moved 30 pips into profit the stop loss would now be 10 pips.

A very useful order type is a sell stop limit or a buy stop limit which basically allows a trader to set a buy or sell limit order that is above or below the current market price once price actually reaches that level.

Today traders have more choices than ever when it comes to not only what forex broker they choose to use but also the types of orders the brokers offer them. If one broker does not offer trailing stops for example you will have several other competitive choices that will offer those types of trade orders.

Forex brokers offer many different types of trade order types to help traders have choices when trading forex and using systems to profit. Traders use these different types of orders to take advantage of different market cycles profiting from the forex markets. - 23208

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