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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

CFD TRADING- Exit or Get Burnt

By cfdtrader

Today as the world's economies start to slow down, many people are searching for how to generate extra income to protect themselves for the upcoming tough times ahead. So what are you doing to help you generate extra income? Many smart traders are turning to the stock markets and forex markets to help them generate extra income.

The minute you place that trade you become emotionally attached to it, so when it becomes bad it can be difficult to cut that emotion. It is almost like love, if they loved you they wouldn't do bad or go bad.

So makes a successful trader or a trader that goes broke, the ability to exit. You see successful trader understands that they can't pick the forex market or stock market 100% of the time.

The successful traders go into the market looking at the worst case scenario and having a plan of exactly where to exit even if it goes against them.

Forex Traders and Stock market traders that go broke have no plan to exit, you most of the 'losers' have the view that they get the market right 100% of the time, so they are never wrong so they don't need an exit strategy. What can be worse than this is they will refuse to exit the trade, and then get caught in downward spiral. Make sure that your broker offers trialing stop losses, here is a great broker to consider or email support@cfdfxreport.com to get the name of this awesome broker.

You have to know when to fold them The exit decision is the most crucial decision of trading. When you explore the above statement it makes sense, you see it determines how much money you make or lose. A good strategy to implement when it is possible, that as soon as the stock moves up say 5% move the stop to break even, this will ensure you are a successful trader. If you are a forex trader, it can be around 20% (depending on leverage). If the stock moves up and then comes back it maybe that the momentum has shifted.

The two main forms of exiting are when you to cut your losses or when to take your profit of the table. The reason you must be able to take a loss, is that if you don't they may continue to spiral downwards and inflate the losses.

This all comes back to your rules and strategies. Letting the profits run can be an equally difficult decision, a strategy that can work effectively is the trailing stop loss, every time the position moves up a certain percentage you increase your stop loss. The benefit of this is that you are not trying to pick the top of the market. No Emotion. No Attachment. Its all in the mind I must reinforce this "The trading game is all about keeping your head and not letting emotion take over". This is why your trading plan is important, just as important that you have one that suits you and ensuring that you stick to the rules. Cutting loses is never easy, but a small loss is easier to take than a huge loss try and instill this into your mind and it should help. Don't every have the mentality that it is a small drop, it will come back then I will get out, it doesn't happen very often. The markets of late would have seen many of these traders be taken out of the market completely. There will always be another trading day.

As we have discussed in the article the most important steps you can make as a trader is education. As you are responsible for creating your own wealth so to continue learning and for more free education lessons please visit the CFD FX REPORT they will be able to satisfy all your education requirements. Also they can help you find the Best Forex Broker and CFD Brokers in the market. Visit them today. Education is knowledge and knowledge helps create wealth. - 23208

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