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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Five Signs of an Oil and Gas Investment Scam

By Terry Stanfield

If you are talking to a company about oil and gas investments it is important to know the signs of a scam. There are scams in every industry or anything that pertains to money. Don't let someone scam you of your money. Here are six easy ways to tell you are talking to a scammer.

1. If you are talking to an oil investments company who claims there is absolutely no risk with the investment, it is a scam. Oil is a risky investment. Any smart investor knows this and any company who tells you otherwise is lying. You can lose every dime when you invest in oil and gas. This is a fact. You can also make a killing, but the risk is very high.

2. If a gas investments company tells you that they have found a well that is guaranteed to make money, you know it is a scam. There is no guarantee that a well is not dry. If the investment firm knew 100% that the well was guaranteed they wouldn't be asking you for your money. No well is for sure. You are taking the risk of the investment that it might not be.

3. Many scammers will tell you that a well known oil company is planning to start drilling in a particular area. Think about your investment. Are you investing in a location, the drilling company, or what? Drilling is about location but you cannot guarantee a location has oil.

4. It is also common for scammers to say they have landed a huge discovery and they want to share it with you for a price. This is not how oil investments work and you should be leery about anything like this. Many scammers offer e-books and other things that claim inside of them is the truth about investing and you will make a ton of money if you buy the products. Don't fall for these types of scams.

5. The Better Business Bureau has many complaints from people about being scammed. If someone gets scammed they are quick to go to this resource. Always verify the company is not ripping people off.

If you are looking into oil and gas investing it is important you do plenty of research. You can trust people but you must always verify what they are saying is true. Many things being said to you may not even be worth wasting your time to verify because they are just not true. Understand that anyone who dumps their money and funds into gas investments is taking a serious risk. There are no 'secret' tips and there is no guarantee, ever. - 23208

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