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Monday, April 6, 2009

Got the Foreclosure notice??? Now what?

By Doc Schmyz

Foreclosures are a nasty "monsters", apart from the worry and stress of possibly losing all you own, is the fact that you lose all control over the sale process. Not to mention your self image takes a heck of a beating.

The painful honest truth is that the finance company is only looking after it's own interests. There is no emotions involved here and they will take offers that do not even fully cover the debt.(You can forget about seeing any of your equity.)

Do not let it happen if you can help it. Take on another job, get your wife to take in laundry. Rake up the cash the best you can. Everyone has ways we can cut back or living expenses and increase our income a little. Don't let yourself fall victim to your pride...yes this means you delivering pizza is indeed an option.

Think outside the box, maybe attempt to sell the property yourself. If the property market is difficult, advertise to exchange/swap your house for something cheaper. Look at how the property could earn you money. Maybe it has an apartment attached that could be rented out. Maybe it has a room at the back of the garage to rent out. Perhaps it might have an extra garage to rent out. If it is a big house maybe you could take in lodgers or students and charge them for room and board. All these little things will help to pay off your mortgage. Your still in charge of how the situation will end up.

Can you restructure the loan?? Can you restructure the loan so that your repayments are lower than you are currently paying. You could pay over 40 years instead of 25 years. Maybe you could have half the loan over 40 years and half on interest only repayments with the ability to reduce the principal with lump sum repayments when you have the extra funds available. Or maybe look at simply getting another loan and paying off the original mortgage.

If a foreclosure is getting closer and you have been unsuccessful in averting it. You can accept the inevitable or you can fight the " monster" and take drastic action. However, if it means saving the equity in your house it may be worth it. - 23208

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