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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Warren Buffet Strategy Part I

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

Warren Buffet is Americas most famous investor. Any investor, especially those who are looking to be experts into trading stocks are looking up to him as a role model. He was idolized by many because of his investing strategies that people tend to emulate. He was the godfather of investing. He was also famous for his frugal living despite the fact that his company is worth to $69 billion dollars.

This article is written to provide you with some insights on the famous investors strategy. The methods are actually simple questions that you need to ask yourself before plunging into a stock trading. First question is: Is this business simple and understandable? As a responsible investor you should exercise due diligence over the company you are planning to invest on. You should be able to understand the products/ services that company offers so you could be in the position to predict and see problems or growth in case they arise.

Second is to ask yourself: Does the company have a consistent operations history? By researching more on the operations management of the company since the time it was conceived you will have a clear view on the operating history of the company and thus be able to forecast future trends. Third is to ask: Does the company have favorable long-term prospects? this implies if the company has very good long term plans for growth as the future plans contains the true value of investment.

Fourth is to ask the question Is the management rational? This delves deeper into the values of the company, its mission, vision, etc. It is also advisable to look on some operations procedure especially that which relates to money like where do the company allocate excess profits, etc.

The fifth is to ask Is the company candid with its shareholders? This gauges the openness of the company management and top executives to its shareholders or part owners regarding the business strategy, etc. Warren implies that it is good to have an open and transparent communication with your partners. - 23208

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