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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Managed Forex Account Can Be More Profitable

By Mark Alison

Forex trading is can be fun and profitable; it's nice to be able to watch your money grow as you trade currencies. Managing you Forex accounts can be problematic sometimes if you are holding down a full time job or you have many accounts that you are working with.

A Forex managed account is available to you. The idea is simple. Give the money you want to invest, and the certified trained professional investors will work with that money and make it grow. The business will manage your money and you have full control.

You will have a professional full time trader who is experienced in trading manage your money for you. This is true "Autopilot" The broker will decide what to buy and when to buy it. Alternatively, he will know what to sell and when to sell it.

Some people like the idea of a person making decisions. Understand it's still your money and you can decide for yourself when to buy and sell also, and when to withdraw it. It's a common belief that these are better than "bots" or automated algorithms since they can distinguish more than the present numbers.

The best way to get into managed Forex accounts is to just try one out. You can decide to put in a small amount and try it for a month. Be sure to find out what the trade fee's and broker fee's are before you sign up.

The minimum deposit can range anywhere but is commonly about $1,000. This is one thing that turns off a lot of people for these accounts is that they require a larger sum of money than most beginner traders want to invest. If you want to be a big mover and shaker in the Forex market, it's best to spread your investments around. Use some to trade yourself, and open up a few managed accounts to let your overall money grow. - 23208

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