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Monday, November 23, 2009

Jump Start Your Trading Results with a Trading Coach

By Mark Green

Many people can't wait to get started trading after they have read all the books and got their trading system and equipment all setup. After trading for a while, they may have some wins and some losses and become discouraged. All this hard work just to break even? They may wonder what is missing? They may hear that other traders using similar systems are making great profits. The missing piece to the puzzle is often experience. Traders faced with the same market and using the same system will produce different results based on their experience in the market. One of the best ways to shortcut the learning curve that everyone goes through is to use a trading coach and leverage their experience in the market.

A trading coach can help you no matter what level of experience you have. Even professional traders have trading coaches, as they see the value in having another experienced trader review their trading results and provide objective advice. If you are a beginner, a trading coach will make sure that you get started in the right way and don't develop any bad habits.

You can work with a trading coach one on one in a private session or some coaches offer group sessions. Obviously there are pros and cons of each. Private sessions will be more expensive, but on the other hand you the trading coach will offer you advice specific to your situation and offer suggestions on how to improve on your current trading. Group sessions will be cheaper and although you will get less attention, you may find yourself learning just as much from the other people in the group. Both private and group sessions are done in person, on the phone or on the internet using Skype or another online communication tool.

One trading coach I know offers coaching only after the traders have completed a home study course. The advantage of this is that the trader will go through all of the basic concepts and materials and build up a base level of knowledge. Once they have a good foundation, they can then work with the trading coach on the more advanced topics. In this way the time and money spent is more efficient.

You may have heard of 'trading rooms'. This is another option to learn from a trading coach. In a 'trading room' a trading coach will analyse the market, and provide their opinion of what is going on in the market. They will be able to advise if any trading signals are appearing and you are able to take the trades as the trading coach calls them. An advantage of this style of coaching is that you are able to ask questions in real time of the market conditions and get immediate feedback.

Before signing up with a trading coach, it is important to think about what areas you need improving in. You should have kept records of your past results to be able to show where you have been successful and where the losing trades have been. It could be that you need more help in technical analysis or following a trading strategy. If you are not consistent in your trading maybe your trading plan needs work. Some traders find the emotional side of trading difficult and coaches can help with this too. - 23208

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