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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Principles Of Investments In The Stock Market - Part 4

By Zigfred Diaz

This is the final part of the series on principles of investment in the stock market. The last seven principles was discussed in the past articles. We will be discussing the last three principles in this article. Visit my blog if you want to see the whole article.

8.) You must devote your time to study - When you want to invest in the stock market you should devote time to study what it's all about. You can't just place in your money and hope that it will somehow grow someday. You have to read books and materials on the stock market. When I started investing I dug out materials in the internet related to the stock market especially the Philippine stock market. I bought books on the stock market. The Philippine stock exchange has an "investor's primer" for those who are new to the stock market. (See the Philippine stock exchange website for more information.)

Attending seminars on how to trade in the stock market can further add to your knowledge. Some brokerage firms conduct free seminars for those who are new investors. Last year I attended a 2 day seminar by CITISEC Online. They are one of the most active, most innovative and well managed brokerage firms in the Philippines. The information that you learn in the seminar will certainly help you in your quest to succeed in the stock market. Continuous study is required if you want to be successful in investing in the stock market. Do not not stop learning.

You should read all the materials and attend all the seminars you can to further expand your knowledge You should not give up when there are terms you could not understand. For example reading this article alone may give you a headache since there are words that you can't relate to. Words such as "points, "Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi), "Blue Chips" or "Bull run" may sound foreign to you. What is worse is that you don't even understand what a stock is. It does not matter. I started out not knowing what some of these things are.

You can never learn these things in school. However I learned these things by reading a lot about the subject and through experience. In order that you might be inspired, I suggest you watch the movie "Pursuit of Happyness." This inspired-by-a-true-story movie is about a man who overcame all odds to learn the stock market letting him make millions later on through stock market trading.For sure, you will be inspired by watching the film.

9.)Know what is happening in the world around you - There are several factors that affect the stock market. Be aware of the news that is making headlines in the news paper. For sure this will give you a hint on the direction that the market will take. Never skip the business news. It is here where you will be given an idea as to which stock you should buy. I prefer reading the online version of the Philippine Daily Inquirer in order that I may know where the market is heading.

10.) You must start now - The best way to learn is to experience it yourself. Start small if you wish but start now. Don't procrastinate. However don't rush immediately without studying how to go about it. After you have at least learned the basics of investments then you can start buying your first stock. There's nothing more exciting when you have made your first sale at a profit. - 23208

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