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Monday, December 28, 2009

Should I Start Etf Trend Trading Or Wait For The Next Big Thing?

By Patrick Deaton

Lately, a lot of people have been showing an interest in etf trend trading. But before you decide to try out trading etfs for yourself, it is crucial that you have a strong understanding as to what these funds are and the type of return that you can expect to get off of one of these funds as well.

An etf, is simply an abbreviation for the larger word, exchange traded fund. The funds are investment vehicles that are openly traded on the stock market by many avid investors and traders. To many people, the funds are exactly the same as stocks in an essence.

The etfs hold assets just like stock and bonds do and they are traded for the price of their total net value, same exact way that stocks are traded on the stock market every single day. However, the funds are normally indexed, which differs in comparison to stock trading.

A lot of people that are looking for an inexpensive means to trade on the stock market are extremely interested in these funds. More and more people are rushing to obtain an etf because of the low amount that you need to put down in order to start your investment.

Etfs offer traders an undivided interest in a pool of different securities. Many people have actually compared these funds to mutual funds because of how they are traded on the market. As many people have a knowledge base that surrounds mutual funds you can probably understand why these funds are becoming so popular.

Etf's can be bought and sold throughout the day just like many stocks and bonds are purchased. There are a lot of clear reasons why etfs are considered the new age way of investing, however let's review over some of the most talked about features of the fund to give you a better understanding as to what owning an etf can do for you.

The funds can be purchased for a much lower rate than mutual funds and stocks. Many mutual funds will not even allow you to open an account of your own unless you have a minimum of $1500 or more to do so. With the decline in the economy, no one has the necessary funds to simply invest anymore.

You can easily open an etf for as little as one hundred dollars, if that is all you have to get started with for the investment. As you probably know the more money that you put into the fund the more you can expect the fund to generate. So, try to make it imperative that you keep adding a little more to your etf every single month.

Just think how much etf trading can benefit your investment portfolio. It will show other investors that you have taken a chance and have experience in diversified trading of assets.

When you have your own etf you will always have an inclination of how much money the fund is generating. Regardless of what time of the day it is, you can check on your fund and keep up with the status of your investment. What mutual fund or stock allows you to do that? - 23208

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