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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a Good Forex Managed Trading Account is like.

By Bart Icles

Do you know what a managed Forex account is? This is a Forex account where a different person, called a trader, trades for you, who is the investor, knowing that it is actually your account. It's these people who trade your money. But they won't be able to steal anything from you; rather, they can gain or lose money for you instead. In many cases, the investor only observes the things happening going in his account but the trading goes to the other person. Two passwords are available for a single account.

One password is for the trader, and another is for the investor. The trader's password only gives him access to the power of logging in, getting orders, and trading. The investors' password gives access to everything, but it's usually only used for observing what is happening in the account. Managed accounts are divided into two, the doing-good-account, and the not-so-doing-good account. If your traders, also called account managers, show you (their clients) that they're doing a great job; you have to scout for some losses in the account as well. If you only see winnings and no losses, then there's something not right happening in the account.

Even the best traders in the best trading systems lose at some point in time, right? You have to keep on asking, "Where are the losses going?" To give an impression of what the account has done so far, the losing trades are left open while the winning are closed. The account balance grows when the winning trades alone are closed. This could be misleading because the real amount of money, or equity, in the account could keep on going down instead of the more convenient going up.

The account equity is computed by deducting the negative open trades plus the positive open trades to the account balance. A margin level is also present in the account. The account is in better shape and gets better as the margin level gets higher. The equation for this percentage is figured by dividing the used margin into the equity. By moving the decimal point of the answer twice to the right, you have your percentage.

Usually, when the margin level reaches 50%, they close the biggest open negative trade. To prevent any borrowing of money from the brokerage firms, they make sure that the account doesn't go below zero. This process is called a "margin call." In order to find honest, trustworthy, and faithful account managers to manage your managed account, you had better understand the basic idea of trading. When choosing the right trader for you, you better be smart and accurate. - 23208

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