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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Having Your Real Estate Sale Work Out

By Gavin J. King

Banks are being more strict than ever with whom they lend money to, so if you are a home seller you really need to consider becoming the bank, and loaning our your own equity to a prospective buyer. Why, you ask?

Take, for instance, a property that you have several thousand dollars in equity, and you have someone who wants to buy it from you. With equity, you will want to make sure that you protect your profits by shielding your gains from taxes as much as you can. It is not only a matter of income taxes or municipal taxes that may affect your bottom line, and there are additional taxes that tax you at a higher rate.

There are many rules that govern taxes like capital gains tax, so consulting with an accountant or other tax professional is really important in order to save your money and profits. By loaning the buyer back your own profits you can offset or delay nearly all of these taxes, and continue to make interest on the loan. Whatever you do, make sure you are the primary lien on the property or else you will be assuming a higher degree of risk, and may be left out in the cold if the homeowner cannot pay for the home.

By loaning on your own property, you have a very proactive opportunity in dealing with the home owners and can cut off any foreclosure by dealing directly with the borrower. If the buyer does get behind on payments, you simply go to them personally and express some empathy for them, then offer to take the property back through a deed in lieu of foreclosure. Most people do not want the shame and embarrassment of being foreclosed on, so they will iron things out with you, if for no other reason than to salvage their credit history. From there you can rent the property back to them or you can send them on their way and look for another buyer to sell it to. Buying a home is on the forefront of many minds, so loaning out your money on it again is not too difficult.

By helping your next buyer on your home, you can get another residual interest check and be in the same position you were in before you had to take the property back in the first place. By doing things this way you can make some easy money from the homeowner, but you will probably be refinanced out eventually. - 23208

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