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Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Pros And Cons Of Debt Consolidation

By Layla Vanderbilt

Lenders will not even consider a loan for you when your income to debt ratio is too high. When you have a huge debt it can lower your credit score. Even though there are companies which help to remove all your debts quick and legal, people are concerned with damaging their credit score further. They might not be interested to pay off with consolidation companies, because there will be a low score at the end of the procedure.

Credit card debt is one of the worst kinds of common debt because the rates of interest charged are so high and the minimum payments required are so low that an individual may be sinking further and further into a debt spiral even as they are making their monthly payments on time. The minimum required payments may not even cover the interest on the loan, so when the payment time rolls around again the next month, the individual owes even more than they owed the previous month.

You can greatly improve your credit score by paying off the credit card debt, avoiding the consideration of the debt to income ratio. You have to be careful with your credit card debt so as to not have a negative impact on your credit scores. Even if your credit scores are rock bottom you can bring it back by following certain rules.

When your credit scores are negatively impacted, you can pay the debts for a lower amount through consolidation companies which will help you by taking the case on your behalf, but your credit score will be lowered. Since the future purchases are in consideration, most people tend to avoid consolidation techniques.

A debt consolidation loan has a lower rate than a credit card debtor. You save money on interest payments and thereby can pay your debt off faster. Some consumers may have enough money to make a payment larger than required and pay the loan off early.

You can otherwise take out an equity loan to consolidate your credit card debtors with the lowest interest rate and can make your income to debt ratio lower. Your home loan will absorb $15000 in debt easily as it is listed on your credit report as additional debt with high interest payments.

Overall, while debt consolidation may save you money in the present, it has the potential to impact your credit score in a negative way. If you are planning on making any large purchases in the near future, alternative options should be considered. However, if you are not concerned with your credit score at this time, and only want to pay off your debts quickly, then credit card debt consolidation may be a good option. - 23208

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