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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Use These Houston Locations To Fuel Your Retirement

By Duke Morgan

Houston real estate market has picked up pace in recent times with investment in it looking like an attractive opportunity. The diversity of suburbs around Houston has become the USP of area. People of all tastes and liking can get their dream home here, from artistic to academic-oriented, Houston has it all! There is a huge financial range also for more money minded people, Houston can provide rich and grandeur filled localities right besides more traditional looking homes.


Kingwood is one of Houston's most rapidly developing suburbs. It is a master-planned community developed by the Friendswood Development firm. Kingwood features "Greenbelts," a place for the leisure activities of citizens. In recent years, several national retailers have moved stores to a Kingwood location, thereby bringing about a steep increase in popularity of Kingwood amongst other suburbs.

Kingston can be classified as a rather upscale locality with the house prices above the national average. The educational facilities are also top notch with every school recognized by Texas Education Agency.

Clear Lake

Clear Lake owes its development to the expanding aerospace industry of the 60s. It has been a major contributor to the Houston economy since then. Clear Lake is also popularly known as the gateway to bustling Kemah Boardwalk and Galveston Bay areas.

Kemah Boardwalk is the paradise for leisure seeking city dwellers. It has the typical array of games from skee ball to knocking over milk jugs with softballs. It is a highly popular destination on warm-weather days. Apart from this the boardwalk also features numerous shopping outlets and ravishing eateries.

Clear Lake is also famous for its educational competency; the Clear Creek Independent School District has been honored as a "Recognized" school district for six consecutive years.


Initially named because of being the home base of Imperial Sugar, Sugar Land is now the fastest growing of Texas' 45 largest cities. In an exclusive feature CNN/Money pointed out that more than 2,300 restaurants are within a 30-mile radius of Sugar Land, as well as 80 theatrical troupes and 50 public libraries. Sugar Land offers eight outdoor parks. As the city continues to grow and expand from its current base of almost 70,000 residents, there is sure to be an increase in outdoor activity space, a trademark of most Space City suburbs.

Sugarland also boasts of a terrific schooling system that was recently named amongst one of the 100 best school districts in America in which to obtain a fine arts education. - 23208

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