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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ways to Make More Money With Hot Penny Stocks

By Seth Godrin

There are a lot of red hot penny stocks available now. You can make some great money by finding one of them. Although many people want to make money with hot penny stock picks, most of them cannot tell a good investment from a poor one. I have the information you need to find really hot penny stocks that will give you great profits!

The biggest problem most people have is how to do the research. Today we are accustomed to getting whatever we want immediately. That holds true when we invest; we take the plunge quickly rather than taking the time to find out whether an investment will make money. I suggest you do the following steps before you invest:

1. Find Out Who Runs the Company

I identify the owner of the company. This is very important. Make sure the person in charge has adequate experience and a well defined business plan. It is surprising how many companies you might be interested in have boards filled with very inexperienced members.

What is their role?

It is vital to know what the company's products or services are because penny stocks are quite temperamental. For example, I made a large gain on a penny stock because I knew demand for the company's product would rise rapidly during the hurricane season. Doing the proper research to find out these details can be very rewarding!

Find Trends

Research into the past of stock prices. Many times patterns will begin to emerge. Follow these patterns to discover the best time for an investment. Often certain stocks will perform wonderfully during one half of the year but terribly the following half. It is important to look for these trends.

Red hot penny stocks are not as difficult to find as you may think. Simply being bothered to do your background work can make all the difference. - 23208

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