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Friday, January 29, 2010

401k Rollover To An IRA Is An Easy Process

By John Kalpinski

When you leave your current employment you will need to take care of your 401(k) plan within sixty days or face a numerous amounts of charges. If you did not leave employment to go to another job you will need to rollover your account into another retirement savings account that is privately held.

You can, without penalty, rollover your 401(k) into an IRA with the help of a brokerage firm. You should immediately start shopping for a private broker when you leave your employment. There are many options available online and through banks or other financial institutions in your area.

Connect with them and inquire about the available IRA investments they are offering, as well as the maintenance fees and the return rates. Decide which brokerage firm you are going to employ to manage your account based on the deals that it offers, and the return for your money. Then you can start the process of rollover.

Rolling a 401k account into an IRA is quite simple, so long as you leave the transferring job to the brokers. Never even attempt to withdraw the money and then deposit with another financial firm. As far as the IRS is concerned, it is nothing less than "early withdrawal" of retirement savings and you will be penalized and taxed big time. Just let the financial institution do the transferring of account.

When you have decided which company you choose to manage your money, simply request the paperwork to have your old 401(k) money rolled over into your new IRA plan with them. They will process all the paperwork, for free, once you have signed the authorization allowing them to do so.

This is common practice in the financial market and your money will be handled promptly. This will allow you to avoid all taxes and fees as well as any penalties imposed by your previous employer for keeping your money within their plan after you have left employment. - 23208

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