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Friday, January 29, 2010

Is A Lot A Secure Investment At The Current Time?

By Gavin J. King

During the latest real estate boom, many speculators were cashing in by purchasing land and finding a buyer who was willing to pay more than what it was originally purchased for. As with any form of investing, investing in land has inherent risks, but you can minimize them by following these practices.

The first rule to remember is that if you own real estate the "right way" then it is always a safe and good investment. By keeping the bank out of the equation, you will maintain control over your own situation and be able to make decisions based on logic, instead of fear. The likelihood of facing a foreclosure or being dispossessed of your property in any other way is greatly diminished when you own it free and clear. I realize this is not an option for most people, so maybe consider it as an ideal more than anything else. For those whom this strategy is a possible or realistic one, real estate is the safest place to store your cash, and avoid being taxed on it.

Besides the fact that when you buy a home outright, you can always rent it and you will have a nice littler income generated from it. To use your income to buy real estate is a great way to put off tax liability you may be facing and to build a collection of performing assets that may fund your early retirement. If you use the tax laws in the most advantageous manner possible, you can simply take your pre-tax income and spend it on real estate, which will offset your tax liability on your net sheet. I do recommend sitting down with your accountant to outline the exact plan to do this as your first step.

Using your money in a way to acquire building lots is a lot less expensive, but does not provide you with any immediate money so it has to be weighed in the light of income versus investment over a specified time frame. You can get some very good deals on the building lot market, especially when buying REO lots in bulk. As long as your investment strategy does not involve making a profit in the immediate future, buying building lots is a good idea, but otherwise stay away from them for the foreseeable future.

To purchase and hold any land right now is a safe bet as long as you are not financing it so that it saps your finances. You can even start a partnership with a local builder to build income housing on your lots and split the money, to begin to establish a positive cash flow on lots that otherwise would not be paying you much if any income. - 23208

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