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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Capped Bust Silver Quarter - Scarce Quarter Fetches Premium Price

By Christina Goldman

The Capped Bust Silver Quarter counts among the rarest coins ever minted in the United States. These silver quarter coins were first minted in 1815 and were the immediate successors of the equally rare draped bust silver quarters which started minting in 1796. These two silver quarter varieties were minted by the then fledgling US government to replace the Spanish two-reales coin circulating in the Americas.

The Capped Bust Silver Quarter carried the same design as the other coins, like the half dollar, minted during that time. Production of these quarters went on until 1838, and these coins together with the draped bust quarter, have been named by numismatists as the "Early Quarters" commanding premium prices among coin collectors.

Other key years to look out for when scouting for the Early Quarters are 1823, 1804 and 1796. Notably from 1804 onwards, the reverse side of the Early Quarters sported a bigger, "heraldic" eagle, suggestive of strength and power that collectors and numismatists appreciate over coins of earlier vintage which had smaller eagle designs.

It is a sound advice that before buying a Capped Bust Silver Quarter or any of the Early Quarters, the buyer must have an assurance that these items have certification of authenticity from reputable numismatist groups or associations like the ANACS, NGC, PCGS and ICG. Another is to deal only with reputable dealers.

A useful website for reference on the capped bust silver quarter can be found in the net. This site carries a legitimate eBay auction listing of Early Quarters and their key dates. Through this listing, a prospective buyer could check the trend of the pricing, and compare various price levels within years, comparative data that are useful to the serious collector or dedicated numismatist. - 23208

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