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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finance Part 2: Investments That Work

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

We are all dreaming of that special day when we can sit back and relax at a fabulous island while sipping a cold pia colada, not worrying about missing work (because you dont work!) and just thinking of the countless money that is earning itself in your bank account. Sounds fantastic right? How would you feel if I tell you that this kind of lifestyle is within your reach, you just have to exercise on your financial intelligence to have it?

Financial freedom is a dream most of us have. It may be hard to reach it but that is the reason why there are seminars and financial classes that will equip one on steps and different strategies towards financial intelligence. It is important to research and know more about the right vehicles that you think can work for you. This article will show you the different types of investment that are guaranteed to work.

First tip is to invest through stock or shares. Stocks are a chunk from a publicly listed company which you can buy and can make you a part-owner of that company. Stocks however pose some risks that an investor needs to review before selecting his options. Stock trading also has risks involved that are why a lot of people think twice before investing in stocks. Your capital may increase if the company starts to enjoy higher profits and has a danger of having no returns if the company experience losses.

Second is to invest in real estate. Buying a piece of real estate and having it rented is a very favorable investment. It can pump you with money month after month. It is a classic example of having your money work for you. A word of advice: start building your asset column first by buying assets first before buying liabilities. Assets are those who put money in your pocket while liabilities are those that take away money from your pocket.

Learn more on how to invest on stocks by reading other related articles as this is practically an easy and fun thing to do. It means having more time to focus on your other investments while watching your money grow. - 23208

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