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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Guide To Real Estate Investing

By Matt Leitz

Real estate investment has become one of the best ways to invest your money. This sector is also growing at a very rapid pace. This is why if you have some extra cash that you want to invest, this is the way forward for you. The returns that are realized from the real estate are often very attractive. This is why there are very many companies that are coming up with real estate investment guides, which are not always effective. Below are some tips that will assist you when you want to become a real estate investor.

Lower Buying Price A good investment property will come at a lower buying price compared to the current market prices. The reasons as to why sellers settle for low prices are many. They may range from emergencies, diseases, urgent need for cash or even divorce. If the property being offered is expensive, it means you may need to wait for longer before you receive your investment worth. Be informed that most properties may come at lower prices and may need furnishing before they can be used. In such cases, you will need to identify the costs of upgrading or furnishing before you buy.

Short Term Investment Short term investments can be best described when a person buys a house and then sales it at a profit. The good thing about such investments is that the profits are guaranteed. The period of waiting and speculating is also short compared to long term investments. Care should however be taken since there may be extra hidden costs. If you end up with a house that needs a lot of cash to repair and upgrade, you may end up overstretching your budget and thereby increasing your selling prices to a figure you never thought of in search of a better return. You are advised to properly value the property before you buy it.

Long Term Investment Long term investments on the other hand involve buying a property which will appreciate with time to give you returns. The waiting time is long and commitment and patience may be needed here. The good thing is that long term investments provide more returns, which nay stretch for several years. It may involve renting of property which means a constant flow of cash. Such investments however have laws and regulations which need to be fully adhered to. Such laws involve contracts, payments, taxes and right by the tenants.

Whichever real estate investment you may choose, be sure to seek for advice before you get into a deal else it will frustrate you. - 23208

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