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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

ETF Trading Strategies: Basic Overview

By Patrick Deaton

ETF trading is very exciting for anyone entering the field. A person may want to take a long-term investment approach or do day trading in EFTs. Whichever type of trading that a person wishes to do there are ETF trading strategies that can help one to be more successful. There are many websites that provide different types of strategies that may or may not be successful. Finding the strategy that is best for the individual doing the trading will be a very personal decision that is based on the level of knowledge and skill that they have when they begin trading.

When deciding on the ETF trading strategies that you want to use it is important to think about what the purpose of the ETF trading is for the individual. There are different strategies used for a person who is making long-term ETF investments and will not be reviewing or changing their portfolio often.

ETF trading strategies for an individual who may make changes to their portfolio periodically, but will maintain about the same types of allocation through several months or years will require more historical research than one may need for a quick turn-around in trading. There are entirely different strategies for the individual who wants to trade on a regular basis and make the most return on their investments on a regular basis.

Doing the necessary research on the sectors that one is interested in and knowing what type of trading will be done is key to an effective trading strategy. A successful trader must have a method, plan, and strategy that they stay with. When one has identified the companies and plan that they desire, finding the right method and strategy will be the next step.

Successful ETF trading strategies have some basic principles throughout each. An individual should have a diversified portfolio of at least two sectors. This is important when the market makes a sudden shift in one sector. Putting all of one's investment in one sector increases the risk to the investment. In addition, an individual must be able to take an analytical approach with their sectors. Some people have a personal interest in companies or industries within a basket and find it hard to sell when trends indicate they should.

One of the EFT trading strategies is to set buy and sell points. Decisions are made on the technical indicators in the market. Basic factors about an industry are not part of the decision making process. In order to set buy and sell points an individual must analyze patterns and trends in the industry. Looking at moving average, trading volume, historic price, and historic highs or lows will provided the basis for seeing patterns and trends. When the market indicates a trend, the trader buys or sells immediately. This is a very popular strategy with many successful traders.

The strategies are different for short-term or daily traders. The short-term EFT trading strategies work just like equity trading. An individual must do the same analyzing of sectors, but most individuals also include some aspect of vertical spread trading into their daily trades. While individuals who trade daily can reap great rewards, it should be noted that the value of EFT is a weighted average based on all of the stocks in a basket. This results in a less change in values than with mutual funds or other stocks.

It is important to research and planning before entering ETF trading. The more knowledge and skills that one has, the more success they will have using ETF trading strategies. By talking to an individual who has expertise in the many strategies available for trading a person will be able to make a decision on the strategy that will best meet their needs. - 23208

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