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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gold As A Hedge Against Inflation

By Garrett Strong

Do not wait for a pullback to buy gold! Every investor needs to know that gold is a hedge against inflation. The movements in the gold market have been monumental, and there are several reasons for that.

To protect yourself from out of control government spending and sky high inflation your money needs to be in gold bullion, gold ingots, and gold bullion coins

If you have not seen the gold price lately, it is going to the moon. The demand continues to surge as worried investors seek shelter. Many countries China, India, and Russia are diversifying out of dollars and into gold bullion. The IMF recently sold 200 tons of gold bricks to Indias central bank.

The amount of gold per capita on the planet is currently 23 grams. That does not even amount to a one ounce coin. The available mined gold on the planet amounts to about $3.7 trillion.

There is around--0,000 tons of gold above ground, and that number increases each year by 2,600 tons. That is an increase of about 2% per year, but that doesnt even come close to satisfying the demand.

The demand is 4,000 tons/year and rising exponentially. Gold has been selling for about the price of production prior to this price rise.

Due to the low prices in gold and silver, mine supply has decreased by close to 10%. Seeing how the fundamentals for gold show that the demand outweighs the supply and has for a long time, then why has the gold price been suppressed until recently?

Any situation where demand exceeds supply means the price must go higher, but until recently it has not. The gold price has risen from $250/oz in 2001 to $1,140/oz today, but the inflation adjusted price shows that gold needs to be around $6800.

This price manipulation by our government has occurred to keep the dollar falsely propped up. Central banks have played a part by selling gold bars onto the market and sending the price of gold lower. These tactics are coming to an end because central banks are running out of gold.

Even though you can request physical delivery of the gold bullion on the COMEX, some investors have complained of receiving cash settlements or ETF shares instead. The COMEX does not have the gold they claim to have.

ETF shares or COMEX contracts will only leave you wondering if the gold is really there. These investment vehicles are the governments way of keeping investors in dollars therefore strengthening dollars.

All of these gold suppression tactics are starting to come unraveled, and with inflation setting in there is no doubt the gold price will continue to explode. Stay away from paper investments if you can, unless you know for sure that they are legitimately holding the gold. Stick with American Gold Coins, American Gold Eagles, and gold bars.

You have every reason to buy gold now due to the falling dollar. Just look at the gold price in the past month. The price of gold per ounce one month ago was $1,058/oz, and the current price of gold is at $1,140/oz. Smart investors are going crazy for gold coins because gold is the only safe investment right now. Educate yourself about the benefits of investing in gold and how to buy gold. You wont be sorry! - 23208

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