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Friday, April 24, 2009

Forex Trading- Don't Make these Mistakes

By fxreport

Forex Trading is financially the most rewarding strategy for Traders. With more than $2 trillion dollars turned over daily is also the most liquid trading market available. However in order to be a successful Forex Trader the simple most important thing that any trader either trading in the Forex market or looking to trade Forex can do is to educate themselves to become better Forex Traders. Today we will look at some key educational lessons to help you become a better Forex Trader.

As a novice Forex Trader you should be aware that there are 9 big No No's when it comes to forex trading. You should make sure that you don't make the same mistakes that 90% of traders make, which is loose there money. These below are the 9 biggest reasons why people end broke from Forex Trading.

1. Scalping or Day Trading Although there are many articles about day trading or scalping as a new trader you should try to avoid it, as it is not a wise decision for a beginner. The reason for this as there is so much to learn about you can make. Forex Trading and learning to day trade first up is the most risky strategy that you can use.

2. Using a Guru There are experts everywhere that are willing to sell advice, but remember 90% of them will end up broke. They will offer to do it only commission, but ultimately it is your money that they will lose.

3. Using Bad Brokers- They are like gurus. Make sure that you research the brokers first and make sure that you check the figures of these brokers before committing. If you are looking for a Great Broker then view the CFD FX REPORTthey have recently researched all the brokers and have come up with some excellent brokers that can help you with your trading future.

4. Practice with demo accounts- for months If you use practice accounts for months, you are only kidding yourself as you don't have the pressure of your money on the line.

5. Habitual trading Some Forex Traders trade just for the sake of it. They think that if they are not in the market they will miss a move. If you trade just for the sake of trading then chances won't be in your favor. Over trading will only make you go broke faster.

6. Mix fundamentals and technical inputs- Just confusing yourself If you are trying to mix both you just confuse yourself and drain your bank account, not an ideal strategy for Forex Trading.

7. Breaking your Rules Patience is the key to forex success. So many traders get the perfect system but fail to wait it and will just trade for the sake of it, breaking there own rules. Have rules and stick to them.

8. All or Nothing- Massive Leverage Too many traders are trying to make it rich from the first trade if that is your plan then you will ultimately end up broke. Today there are many trading platforms that offer massive leverage, such as 400:1 which can be too high. Make sure you use money management skills when using leverage.

9. Using too many inputs Many traders think that complicated systems are the perfect system but with it they are more likely not to succeed. The best rule that you use is simple is best.

So make sure that you get as much as education as possible before starting to trade, as great place to get lots of free quality education lessons is the CFD FX REPORT. Happy Trading - 23208

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