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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Making Smart Investments During The Recession

By Rick Amorey

The economy is in a recession, and as many people have said, it may get worse before it gets better. That said, this is not the time to lose all sensibilities; the financial institution may be experiencing problems, but it is still completely functional. There is no need to panic and keep your money under your mattress.

Instead, make wise decisions with your money in this time of crisis. To lose that which you probably have saved for your whole life may be terrible; but to fearfully keep it in storage without being used is just sad. Make careful decisions to avoid burning out during this recession, but do make decisions. That light at the end of the long tunnel wouldn't come to you; you are the one who's going to move toward it.

If you have a few stock investments in mind, go for it. Purchase those bonds you've had your eye on. As long as you have thought about it carefully, and have consulted with a qualified broker about your decision to do so, then you have nothing to fear. Just don't make any hasty decisions, and think it thoroughly as you would any other investment you decide to pursue.

I have stated the consultation of a qualified stock broker. If you place your stock orders via the Internet, its wise advise to do a background check on anyone who is going to handle your money. Is this individual really connected with the brokerage firm? How about licenses? Does the brokerage firm have it? Make sure you are not scammed by a Boiler Room firm.

Put that money to good use. Stagnant assets are really not assets at all, and they will eventually become liabilities as time goes by and they depreciate in value. When consumers begin to spend again, and the economy picks up, everything will slowly recover. For now, make sure to make the best decision in investing. - 23208

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